DREAMSCAPE YOGA with Tina Hofman  


ASHTANGA YOGA is a dynamic flow of progressive postures. The combination of deep, strong breath (Ujjay breath), strong focus (Drishti), engagement of “locks” (Bandhas) in our body and a connective sequence between the postures (Vinyasa), works on producing deep heat inside the body. The system therefore works on the purification of internal organs and muscles, as well as on exercising the stillness of the mind. Regular practice will improve the circulation, build up the core strength, stamina and muscle tone, as well as improve the concentration, focus and feeling of inner calm.

The session lasts around one and a half hours. It can be modified into a shorter version, when it will usually be called Power, Dynamic Flow or Dynamic Yoga. There are many variations to the traditional Ashtanga style.

The ancient system of Ashtanga was passed to recently deceased Sri Patthabi Jois by his teacher Krishnamacharya in 1927 (more on the history can be found here). Sri Patthabi Jois was the first Indian teacher willing to teach Westerners, and thus in the 60s and 70s many travelled to Mysore, India, including teachers such as David Swenson, David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff, and many others.


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